Thinking of registering Your Child for Carrollton PONY Baseball?

Here’s some answers to our most frequently asked questions, and some information, to help you decide in which age group your child will have the most success and fun.

Ages 3 through 8, all receive appropriate uniforms, major league replicas of their favorite major league teams. T Shirt, Hat, and Baseball Pants, for every child that plays.

Teams can be formed by you, with friends you already know, or we can help form teams, from neighborhoods, by closest elementary schools. You can bring a full team, or a partial team, or sign up indiviually, and we will form a team for you.

At least 10 games, some during the week, in the early evening, and some on Saturdays.

A participation trophy, to keep on that shelf in the bedroom!

A free pass, to our end of season carnival, with games, jump houses, snow cones, refreshments, and loads prizes! The carnival is held at the ballfields, where the games are played, at McInnish Park.

Individual and Team pictures, on Picture Day! (additional cost)

Tons of great memories for the entire family, and children of all ages.

But which age group do I need to sign up for?

3-4 Blast Ball – The kids hit a softball sized foam ball, with a large foam bat, off of a Tee and run to first base, which they jump on, and the base has a horn inside, which sounds when they reach safely. (everyone is safe!) Seven to eight players per team. Gloves are optional.

4-5 Blast T Ball – The same equipment is used, as in Blast Ball, but the kids run ALL the bases, including home plate, and the players begin to have some structure at the field positions. Eight to ten players per team. Gloves are optional.

5-6 T Ball – The kids use aluminum softball bats, T Ball bats,  or any type of wood bats and a baseball sized safety ball. All the bases are used, and fielding positions are beginning to be learned. Most players wear a glove when fielding.

6-7 Machine Pitch – Machine pitched ball, and all three bases. New this year, is the two division concept. The 6’s will be grouped as one division, and given the chance to hit a ball off of a tee, if they are unsuccessful with four balls pitched from the machine. We believe machine pitch is much better for the kids, as the ball is pitched, with more consistent speed and location, as opposed to coach pitch, where the success depends greatly on the coaches ability to throw strikes. The 7’s will get 6 machine pitched balls, and defense becomes a much more integral part of the game.

8’s Modified Kid Pitch – Players pitch to batters, with an umpire, and balls and strikes are called. The player gets 5 pitches to a batter, who can either hit the ball, strike out, or be hit with the ball. There are NO walks. If the pitcher fails to throw strikes, the batter is then given 2 “coach pitches’ to hit, or sit back down in the dugout. The defense plays the batted ball no matter if the pitcher threw it, or if the coach threw it.